If your purchasing a home with an oil tank, make sure to contact us as we will arrange to have it done on the same day we are doing your inspection. We use Superior Technology, meaning results are 100% digital & computer analyzed which eliminates the chances of human error during testing. We also conduct Harmless Testing- our test will not damage the tank or heating system. This is not an air pressure test.

How the Tank Test WorksHow the Tank Test Works

  • A small digital acoustic probe is lowered into the fill pipe of the tank
  • This probe is connected to a computer & creates a digital map & acoustical profile of the tank’s integrity
  • If the test detects a “U-L” frequency leak, the tank has a leak in the empty portion or piping. These leaks typically occur in the vent pipe or fill pipe and often can be repaired.
  • If the test detects vapor bubbling, which is a “P-L” frequency leak, the tank has a leak in the oil or fuel filled portion of the tank.
  • Results available on-site and written reports are available within 24 hours.

Other Environmental Services

  • Corrosion Testing – Our comprehensive STEPS corrosion test identifies rapidly corroding tanks before they begin leaking.
  • Soil Testing – We evaluate soil in almost any area including underneath driveways & patios. The soil testing we offer is far more reliable than field-analysis of soil samples.
  • Locate Abandoned Tanks – We find buried tanks to locate hidden environmental hazards.


Q: My oil company performed a water test. Is any further evaluation necessary?
A: Yes! Tanks leak without ever taking on water. Also, water may be present from a small leak in the vent/fill pipe, which is not a system failure.

Q: Who accepts your test?
A: Our test results are accepted by the EPA, state environmental agencies, tank insurance companies, mortgage companies & homeowner’s insurance.

Q: Does the tank have to be drained or filled with fuel before the test?
A: No. Our systems tests tanks with any level of fuel, including tanks that are empty.

Q: Do I need a soil test even though the tank has been out of service and filled with Sand?
A: Yes, many of these tanks are surrounded by contaminated soil- even in cases where the local health department has issued approvals that the area is environmentally safe.