What does the inspection cover?
It is an in-depth visual inspection of the physical structure and major systems of your home by a qualified and trained inspector. Some but not all of these items include:What does the inspection cover?

  • ROOF

Other inspections available: RADON/TERMITE/LEAD PAINT/OIL/SEPTIC

How Long Does the Inspection take?
Depending on the size of your home it usually takes two to three hours. Upon completion of the inspection you will be given a complete review of findings.

When will I receive my report?
Your original report will be in the mail to you the next day. an e-mailed or faxed copy will also be sent to you your attorney and realtor that evening at your request. Follow along with your inspector and learn how your home works and also how to keep it maintained. The information is typed into a computer and your report is generated free of technical language which many home buyers find confusing. Your report is in compliance with the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety.

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